Special Occasion Cakes
Company Logo for Company Picnic
Huge Sheet cake for Church re-dedication
Organizational Anniversary Sheet
Basic 1/2 sheet Birthday Cake
This cake had to feed both teams!
Full Sheet for retirement party in butter cake and buttercream icing.
This was the center piece of a surprise anniversary party.
Chocolate cake and Choclate Raspberry ganache lurk beneath this icing
Buttercream and royal icing violets adorned this tiered birthday cake
These dapper bears were the centerpiece of a rehersal dinner.
Bridal shower fun
Good day, Sunshine....
Halloween Baby Shower
Clever Ark for a baby shower.
Baby Bear options...
She handled this and her 50th quite well
Deadheads have birthdays too.
The cake was the gift, as you can tell.
Pumpkin Pie all dressed up.
Bush de Noel with Meringue Mushrooms

Kid's Birthday Cakes

Pooh Bear 3-d
Swashbuckling Teddy Graham Pirates
Taryn wanted a "Blue Horse" - the cake was blue too!
Buzz with toys
3-d Sea Turtle
Smurfs for an 80's theme party
Dakota requested a "Smiley Soccerball"
3-d Octopus
Just Buzz Lightyear
1st Birthday cake with separate "baby cake"
This 2 year old liked having her own cake again.
Mommy cupcake and Baby cupcake
Rubik's Cube for the same 80's Party
Joey wants a "candy cake"
3-d Dragon/Dinosaur is a hit with the little guys
The next Tiger Woods??
Gymnastics theme and another candy cake
Linked hearts work for many occaisions.
Everything but the flags was edible, and it disappeared fast!
Penguin "Iceberg" in carrot cake with Cream cheese icing
Have a Nice Day!
Samantha was giddy over SpongeBob Squarepants!
Thomas the Tank Engine

Bring me your concept or party theme and I'll come up with something both appealing and tasty...